Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tamil TV - Insulting

Recently when I was browsing the channels in my TV, I was able to see a glaring channel which was awkwardly telling that the programs are for a holiday. But all the other Tamil channels were clearly saying that its for Vinayakar Chathurthi. Also saw the same for Aayuda puja. The job that we do is our god. This pooja is for thanking and continuing the job with full involvement. But that particular chanel is not accepting it.

They want to show that they are non-believers of Hindu gods and Hindu festivals...particularly with the Brahmin community.

It was really glaring when they announced the programs for Ramzan. A very pathetic situation. This is going to get a very very bad name for them.

I'm just waiting what they are going to tell for Diwali and Christmas.

Definitely the answer is :

Diwali - vidumurai naalai munittu....
Christmas - Christmas dina nigazchigalai vazangupavargal....

They're making laughing stock and insulting themselves.

Change it to go smooth in the society.

Please comment to have a clear idea about the public.

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Anonymous said...

I're mentioning about the Kalaingnar TV. Those shit guys only do this. They think they do something new and make a crap of themselves.