Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dream Future

Chapter 2:

The driving culture is getting more and more worse now-a-days, particularly in India.

Though there are a lot of points to be told, today I'm mentioning about a particular scenario which is the head lights. People don't care for the others who come in the opposite side and even the vehicle that is coming in the opposite side shows the signal to dim his head light, people don't care and they keep the bright and keep going. This makes the other driver in an very uncomfortable position. Really a few people don't understand what is that and why the other driver shows the signal to dim the head light. This is due to lack of experience in driving and knowledge.

Now-a-days whoever has money, just buys the cars. No matter whether he/she knows driving. They just go for a 2 weeks driving class from the driving school and start driving the vehicles. Those guys do their best but the only disadvantage is that they teach these buddies in the early morning or in the day time so these buddies don't have a knowledge of the night driving. This is really a pathetic situation. In the day time, they have a lot of possibility to escape from the accident...but if they are going to drive after 6pm, then they are risking their life. They don't have the knowledge, experience of the night driving and also don't know the language of the night drive.

The night drive language is a very very excellent thing which can't be done through books or by just hearing. People can't write books on this and name it as "Night drive for dummies". These kind of freshers or people who don't have the night drive experience have to travel with an experienced driver and try to know why they are doing things like that and in which situation they have to act smart. How not to irritate the other driver and go smoothly. These are some of the basic information. If I start writing on the night drive, we have to keep writing for months on that topic. There are so many informatin that we have to tell on that.

There is also another big disadvantage with these days car. Either the head lights are very powerful or they don't have the black eye in their head lights. Both manufacturers and the government forgot the rule that is implemented for the black eye which helps in avoiding most of the accidents. People think that will reduce the look of the vehicle. These idiots don't think of their life and they take more care on the look of the car/bike that they are having. Also, don't have bright headlights on within city limits. This really irritates the other drivers.

Guys whoever reads this blog is a fresher/inexperienced with night drive, start experiencing it with an experienced guy and learn with his/her guidence the night drive and its language. My dream will come true one day and all people will learn the night drive and enjoy their drive.