Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bot vs Humans

Everybody know that support is becoming a high priority in all the companies.

The only concern is that, are the support guys are treated as human beings or are they treated only as bots?

As all the American companies are outsourcing their support activities to India, the younger generation is getting screwed up due to the eratic shift timing, biological disorder and the work pressure they have in the BPO's due to the heavy flow of support calls/chats/e-mails with strict process.

The younger generation is looking only the money they get in the BPO's but not the health they are losing there. To overcome the work pressure, politics and harrasement of the senior officials, they try to come out and they drug themselves to forget the pressure.

If this situation is going to be continuing in India, may be the world organizations have to invest a lot of money to take care of the health of these younger generation as they take care of the people in Somalia.

Another pathetic situation is in BPO's is that, the support guys are paid peanuts for their hard work. The companies who take the outsourcing are getting a lot of money and they are not paying a good price for the hard work of the young bees. Still the youngsters are thinking that the price they get is more than they expected and keep mum.

Why is this situation still in India? Will these pathetic situations change in the future to save India?

Eventhough the support technicians work hard, they don't get appreciation from their higher officials. What is there in appreciating when a guy is doing one of the toughest job?

Hope all these will get good fruits as time goes by.