Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dream Future

Chapter 1:

This is one of my dreams to streamline the job opportunity and people who are in need of job. The process which I thought might take time to implement but this will be more effective where in future nobody will work with one company.

Let us start from the I.T. companies, which will be easy to start with. We have to get ready with a global database where all the companies have to register and show the world that which person is working with which company and what is the joining date, his/her experience with the company and the designation with the unique id provided for the person. No other information is needed from the company as of now and we can start adding more information according to the needs.

Why we have to maintain a global database? This is to make sure with which company the person is working with and what is his experience and the designation. With this information the companies will be able to judge the person and this will minimize the risk of cheating in all the aspects like experience, designation, salary and so on. In future nobody will be working with one company and he/she will be working for more than two companies as home office is coming very fast. By introducing this process, the companies can avoid walk-ins which make more crowds and disappoint a lot of person by not getting selected and they can also get the exact person to minimize wasting of time. Even though we have online job sites for recruitment, this database will help the organizations to know the exact status of the person they recruit.

The other side of this global database is the information of the end users who need to apply for job. Once the new user registers with the global database, he/she will be provided with a unique id to represent the user. They can also update their profile whenever they want to change and mention their field so that the companies who are searching for the candidates can filter according to the category and call for an interview for that person. Once they call for the interview, the company has to mark the person as blocked for interview with date and time so that the other company who searches for the same person can make appointment with the person at his/her convenient time.

The company is also responsible for changing the status of the person once the person is selected by the company and it will be automatically added to the global database. Some special searches can also provide the company to search for the employed person in a company and offer them a good job. A lot of man power is needed as time goes by and a lot of companies recruit person who put fake in their CV and they too know the cheating. Because of the urgent need of man power, the companies recruit those people knowing of their fake CV’s.

According to my calculation, the software companies can do this within two years of time and by this implementation the government and other organizations can also join this global catalog and make benefit of this facility. We should not allow separate global catalog for the fields and it should be maintained in a single database. If the country specific organizations need to maintain their own database, they can but we should have an agreement that the data should be synchronized always if the companies search according to the country for recruitment.

Hope we can bring this dream to implementation and benefit from it. Start the work today and the dream future will come true faster you work.

– Sean Nick

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Law for Cell Phones

These days, cell phones is one of the family member and which makes people mad.

Doctors say that the rays that are emitted from cellphones are really bad for our health. This was said when cell phones were introduced and still now they keep saying to avoid it.

I'm really concerned about the health hazards of the young lings who start using these cell phone in a very tender age.

Now-a-days, lots of children below the age of 10 are using these cell phones without knowing about the negatives.

Government should pass a law that cell phones should be used by persons who are above 18. Like a driving license, this should be made compulsory otherwise our coming generations will be affected due to these rays that are emitted by these cell phones.

Please express your comments so that we can make this world aware of this hidden danger that is drawing our humanity.